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Welcome to the Committee for a Democratic U.N. We are an independent organization that supports the strengthening of democracy in global governance. We advocate the establishment of a UN Parliamentary Assembly.

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Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

Civil society assessment of global governance: It's inefficient and undemocratic

06/27/2014 | Global governance “isn't working,” new report says, stresses urgent need of improved democratic participation CIVICUS, a global non-governmental organization that identifies itself as world alliance for citizen participation, has released a new assessment of national and international government organizations. In detailing the recent turmoil that has driven a wedge between governments and citizens in countries like Brazil, Turkey, and Venezuela, the group ...  More »



Appeal for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Humanity faces the task of ensuring the survival and well being of future generations as well as the preservation of the natural foundations of life on Earth. We are convinced that in order to cope with major challenges such as social disparity, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the threat of terrorism or the endangerment of global ecosystems, all human beings must engage in collaborative efforts.

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Expert: UN needs to address "democratic deficit" and "include the voice of the citizens" better

04/25/2014 | Chair of the Earth System research alliance addresses UN General Assembly at Interactive Dialogue, supports proposal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly At an interactive dialogue organized by the United ...  More »

03/26/2014 | Proposal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly presented at Parliament of Catalonia

12/20/2013 | Appeal for a global parliamentary assembly presented to UN representative in Brussels

12/20/2013 | Proposal for a World Parliamentary Assembly presented at Future of Human Rights Forum