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The Legal and Political Status of International Parliamentary Institutions

by Claudia Kissling, 2011

With a preface by Murumba Werunga

This paper contains a worldwide analysis of International Parliamentary Institutions (IPIs) in existence to date. Their number and competences are steadily increasing but still there are hardly any substantive comparative investigations. This study fills this gap. One of its conclusions is that IPIs increasingly fulfill genuine parliamentary oversight functions. They can contribute to overcoming democracy deficits at both regional and global levels.

This paper is a most welcome publication that goes a long way in providing for the first time a near complete account and analysis of the place and contribution of the International Parliamentary Institutions (the IPIs) to the global evolution of democratic practice and governance.

Murumba Werunga, Head of the Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Training, National Assembly of Kenya, Nairobi

This study is a very important contribution to the advancement of our knowledge of international democratic bodies. It fills a huge vacuum that was present in this field of research.

Lucio Levi, Professor of Political Science and Comparative Politics at the University of Torino, Italy