KDUN Series

The Case for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Reprint, supplemented with a preface by Andreas Bummel and an afterword by the author, March 2010

by Dieter Heinrich

This booklet, originally published in 1992, brings together some of the most cogent arguments for establishing a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. It outlines proposals for establishing and implementing the assembly.

Published in cooperation with the World Federalist Movement – Canada.

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Globalization has transformed the relationship between the individual and the world community, and made necessary the  need for practical measures to democratize global governance. A UN Parliamentary Assembly would be an important step in the right direction.

—  Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Winnipeg and former Foreign Minister of Canada

This well written publication had considerable influence when it was first published. I am certain that its re-publication now will provide an important contribution to the growing world-wide movement to establish a Parliamentary Assembly at the UN.

— Allan Blakeney, former Premier, Province of Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian Parliamentarians from all parties have consistently supported the goal of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. This concise publication tells us why and how it could work.”

— John Bosley, former Speaker, House of Commons, Canada

This brochure by Dieter Heinrich is a classic that hasn’t lost any of its topicality and strength. It’s highly recommended to anyone interested in the future of humanity and clearly a must read for all those engaged with global democracy and the global order.

— Andreas Bummel, Chairman, Committee for a Democratic U.N., Germany